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I have to say mediocre.

Ehhh no offense .... but .... well...I know these movies arn't easy to make and all but...jee I'll just say it. I think it was a let down. I mean basically waited 2 years for falling on a wolfos, seeing Sheik Slobbering on herself, making fun of Zora King's weight, the same joke used in the second episode with Saria, a not so epic Dark Link fight. (Seriously ...Din's Fire?! What happened to the Megaton Hammer?)
And then getting nothing out of the Morpha other than skip scene add a bandaid and a follow up joke to the Flare Dancer firing thing. I think you could have spent that 15MB of computer crashingness a lot more efficiently.

lol it reminds me of the time.

It reminds me of the time when they were making new TF2 "meet the ...." movies, tons of people were commenting that they should reveal the pyro to be female cause of the mask and it would be funny. :P

TmsT responds:

Pyro's totally a robot.

Obviously don't watch him.

Glenn Beck NEVER EVER mentions silly conspiracies like mole men and aliens and illminati.....espically not the JEEEEEWWWS. Plus you forgot the blackboard and leiderhosen. Actually watch the show on Fox ...more than once if you don't mind.... yes he is definatly definatly OUT THERE...but you have to admit he isn't entirely wrong.

mikailus responds:

I watch clips and only clips because I can't stand the piece of shit. Clips are enough for me. Best not to feed the troll (Beck), since he is clearly an attention whore. Besides, I have higher tastes in art and news quality. And you didn't stomach the entire short, because I never say anything mole men (wtf?) or aliens (there is a possibility of extraterrestrial life, all I need to see is proof). And yes, he is totally wrong on every aspect.

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I have always wanted to make a dating sim game. Maybe you guys could make a tutorial collab or something...and dude...You actually came up with this with a bet....WITH SIM_MAN....I thought he was dead.

Yomuchan responds:

Actually, no, his new release of Sim Girls gave me the inspiration to pursue my dream of making a sim date. The bet came later, with some dude at forkheads whose name SLIPS MY MIIIIIIIIIIND.

I liked it

I thought this game was a relaxing change from all the zombie killing and stuff I and defense games I usually play...but the music does get very annoying the longer you play, but it isn't a bad thought, not a lot of games try to do something slow and steady so I think its a refreshing addition . Does need quite a bit of work though.

I like it :)

The game overall was all right, as well as rather easy. The images of the animals, as blurred as they are, can still be made out fairly easily. Perhaps to add difficulty you could make it a zoomed in picture instead of pixelated one. It would be tougher than just blurred silhouettes that can be easily read by people that look at animals enough to know them.

Perhaps other game modes would be good too...perhaps one without a timer or a faster timer...or maybe a survival mode that gives you only a certain number of mistakes through the whole game. Just some ideas.

I liked this game as I said before, and I wouldn't mind seeing an updated version in the furture.

Im a 19 year old ex college kid, in the middle of texas, with no life, no love, no future....live's great aye? I WANNA MAKE A FLASH BUTS I SUCX and has no flash thingy maker. P.S. ............. RAWSOME

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